It was a good Monday morning for Marvel fans as the studio dropped the newest trailer for Black Panther. The trailer gives us a deep dive into the wonderous kingdom of Wakanda, century ahead of our own time, thanks to their ingenuity and stores of Vibranium, the rare element that comprises Captain America’s shield and fuels the research and wonders of the utopian world.

Some of the studying aspects of the unknown kingdom are unbelievable das we follow Black Panther’s Royal Talon Fighter as it punches through a holograph that covers an entire city, making Wakanda look like just an agrarian African nation. This serves to protect a city that has never been conquered and has known only peace and prosperity.

As the ship lands we get our first look at T’Challa, who has been traveling with the two fiercest warriors of Wakanda. Okoye, who is almost like his Secretary of Defense combined with the head of Secret Service, and Nakia who is a “war dog,” a covert agent who handles Wakandan operations in other countries.

We also get a better look at M’Baku, who rules Wakanda’s tribe in the highlands and although he is technically a subject of King T’Challa, thinks maybe Wakanda would be better under his own rule.

We are also introduced to Erik Killmonger, a Wakandan dissident named N’Jadaka, who plotted to overthrow the royal family and still has designs on the throne of his homeland being masterfully played by Michael B. Jordan. The face off between T’Challa and Killmonger shows the enemie has also mastered some of the mysteries of Vibranium, as evidenced by the armor that emerges from nowhere to coat his body as he unleashes a surprise attack.

So as not to give all the stunning visual surprises away take a look at the trailer for yourselves below along with a brand new poster which was reveled by Chadwick Bosseman.

Black Panther opens in theaters February 16, 2017.

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