D23 is the gift that keeps on giving. This Saturday’s Marvel panel brought a first look at the upcoming Avenger’s: Infinity War that had the fandom on its feet with roaring applause.

The last panel of he day was introduced by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige who mentioned that “almost every single hero we’ve ever introduced is going to be in that film. Why you ask?” The answer is simple, “Thanos bows to no man.”

Actor James Browlin made his grand entrance and was later joined by none other than Vision actor Paul Bettany, Scarlet Witch’s Elizabeth Olsen, Drax’s Dave Bautista, War Machine’s Don Cheadle, Mantis’ Pom Klementieff, Falcon’s Anthony Mackie, Nebula’s Karen Gillan, and The Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan.

Also making appearances where Doctor Atrange’s Benedict Cumberbatch Spider-Man’s Tom Holland, Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, Iron-Man’s Robert Downey Jr.

Joe Russo then came on stage to unveil the new footage which kicked off with The Guardians of the Galaxy emerging from light speed in a field of asteroids and red gas. “Okay, Guardians, don’t forget this might be dangerous, so let’s put on our mean faces,” Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord tells his friends.

Out of nowhere, a creature thuds against their windshield. It’s Hemsworth’s Thor. Unconscious. Beaten to hell. “Wipe it! Wipe it! Get it off!” Rocket Raccoon shouts. The Guardians bring the stranger in, and Mantis revives him. “Who the hell are you guys?” Thor asks the motley crew.

From there we see Tom Hiddleston’s Loki offering the Tesseract up as a gift, presumably to Thanos, with whom he has been aligned since that first Avengers film.

There’s also a shot of Tom Holland’s Spidey-sense tingling as the hair on his arms rises while he reads on a school followed by a shot of him in he gold-laced suit that Stark offered him at the end of Homecoming.

We also see Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange make an appearance before Thanks emerges saying “I know what it’s like to lose, to fight so desperately with all your life, but to fail just the same,” as we see a tearful Spider-Man apologizing.

“Run from it,” Thanos says. “But destiny still arrives.” It is then revealed that he is in possession of two Infinity Gauntlet stones, possibly the blue Tesseract, or Space Stone and the purple Power Stone.

The footage caps off with Thanos facing off with the Avengers using a planet as ammunition.

Marvel went on to reveal the children of Thanos on twitter after the panel.

We’ve already met Karen Gillan’s Nebula and Zoe Saldana’s Gamora, two of the beings he kidnapped and raised to fight and kill on his behalf who have broken free of his control.

Here are the new characters:

Corvus Glaive – This enforcer, whose job was to shakedown planets for gifts that would enrich Thanos, was immortal as long as his mystical blade remained unbroken. He was married to …

Proxima Midnight – This warrior used her spear – which was forged from a sun trapped in an alternate reality – to launch a shattering attack on Black Panther’s nation of Wakanda.

Ebony Maw – Not the most powerful of the Black Order, but a brilliant and manipulative thinker who wields power of persuasion over most beings. He famously tangled with Doctor Strange in the comics.

Black Dwarf – This brawler is physically hulking and has superhuman strength and nearly impenetrable muscle mass.

While we wait for footage to hit the internet, take a listen at some soundbites from the cast themselves below.

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