The merk with the mouth has found its Cable. After teasing the appearance of the character at the end of Deadpool, the studio has finally announced who will portray him.

While Nathan Fillion and Pierce Brosnan had been rumored for the part of Cable, Josh Brolin has officially been cast as the time-displaced mutant for the much-anticipated superhero sequel. Not only that, but he has signed a four-picture deal with 20th Century Fox.

Interesting tidbit, Brolin has already been playing galactic warlord Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films so this casting makes him the second actor after Chris Evans to play two different Marvel characters for Marvel Studios and Fox. (Evans starred as Johnny Storm in the original Fantastic Four films and now plays Captain America.)

A little bit of background on Cable. In the Marvel universe he is Nathan Summers, the son of Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey (X-Men). After being sent into a post-apocalyptic future as a child, Cable grew into a battle-hardened mutant warrior with a metal arm and all his mom’s psychic powers.

Deadpool 2 is currently set for release in March 2018.

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