Robert Downey Jr is the king of mic drops as Tony Stark and Friday afternoon he did just that setting the twitter verse ablaze.

RDJ dropped the first look at the upcoming Avengers film via a behind-the-scenes video feature showing Robert Downey Jr., new webslinger Tom Holland, and Star-Lord, Chris Pratt on their first day at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, standing on a set that looks like a blasted wasteland (surrounded by a massive green screen.)

The studio has been doing a fantastic job of setting up one movie with another and tying the entire Marvel Universe together. Introducing new heroes and new stones one film at a time, dropping hints ove other films on the way. The fallout of Avengers: Civil War is still being felt and it prefaces the events of the upcoming Infinity War.   “Tony is not talking to Steve… The Avengers are basically a name with nobody in it,” says Christopher Markus, who co-wrote the screenplay with Stephen McFeely. “The world is vulnerable.”

Enter Thanos, whom we’ve seen glimpses of throughout the previous films. He has been trying to amass infinity stones for a gauntlet that will give him dominion over space, time, and all reality. “We know they’re going to face Thanos. We’ve been setting that up since Avengers 1,” says Feige. “How do you do that in a way that’s unexpected, that pits the Avengers against somebody who is more powerful than anybody they’ve ever faced, and yet make them completely unprepared to face them? Well, tear them apart. Which is why we made Civil War before Infinity War.”

It is due to this that new heroes will be needed to join the team. Enter none other than a slew of heroes with the Guardians of the Galaxy and web slinging Spider-Man. It is bound to be a battle of epic proportions.

Check out the sneak peek as Avengers: Infinity War begins its first week of filming.

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